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A stem cell pioneer applauds state's efforts as 'substantive'
A pioneer of stem cell science yesterday described New Jersey's efforts to establish a strategic foothold in the field as "substantive" and well-timed.


Stem cell research plan put on ballot with fanfare
Corzine signs resolution, backed by top advocates

Calling stem cell research an engine for medical science and economic development, Gov. Jon Corzine yesterday signed legislation that gives residents the chance to vote on spending $450 million for stem cell research grants.


State awards $5.7 Million for Stem Cell Research by UMDNJ Scientists
$800K additional in matching funds for start-up technologies
UMDNJ researchers received more than $5.7 million in Stem Cell Research Grants from the NJ Commission on Science and Technology (NJCST) to fund crucial lines of inquiry on projects that include bioengineered human stem cells, new therapies for heart disease and lung cancer, and the development of techniques that use stem cells to deliver biotherapeutics to attack cancerous tumors.


State awards $10 million for stem cell studies
The commission overlooking scientific and technology development in New Jersey awarded roughly $10 million in state grants to fund support of human embryonic and adult stem-cell research Tuesday.


State antes up $10M to study stem cells
Rutgers and UMDNJ to get research labs

The state's science agency awarded more than $10 million yesterday to support stem cell research, doubling its investment in the cutting-edge field and broadening its support of inquiries into human embryonic stem cells.


N.J. releases $10 million for stem-cell work
TRENTON—New Jersey awarded $10 million in stem-cell research grants yesterday that Gov. Corzine hoped would help skirt federal restrictions on embryonic stem-cell work.
The state Commission on Science and Technology awarded money that Corzine had included in the current state budget.


The EDA Authorizes First Funds from $270 Million
Designated for Stem Cell Research Facilities

Supporting Governor Jon S. Corzine’s strategy for encouraging scientific innovation and discovery, the New Jersey Economic Development Authority (EDA) took another step forward today to strengthen the state’s position as the nation’s leader in building stem cell research facilities when it approved nearly $9.2 million in predevelopment funding for the Stem Cell Institute of New Jersey in New Brunswick.