Stem Cell Institute of New Jersey

About the Institute


UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey have jointly established The Stem Cell Institute of New Jersey. The mission of the Institute is to carry out research, training, and clinical studies on the application of stem cells to the treatment and cure of human disease.



The Institute will build on existing strengths at both universities in the areas of stem cell biology, development, and cell and molecular biology to create a critical mass of outstanding scientists and clinicians. Studies will include the properties of stem cells, their differentiation into cells of defined lineage, their behavior in vivo, and their ability to correct deficiencies and dysfunctions that underlie such conditions as neurologic disorders, spinal cord injuries, diabetes, neuromuscular diseases and other health problems.

World-class faculty will be recruited to the participating universities and a state-of-the art laboratory building will be constructed with essential core facilities to house and support their research. The Institute will serve as a resource for other collaborating investigators throughout the State of New Jersey. It will also serve as a magnet for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies focused on the use of stem cells in disease therapy, drawing local investment and stimulating economic growth. Scientific programs will be sponsored to advance stem cell research worldwide and collaborations will be established with patients and patient advocacy groups to enhance public awareness and appreciation for the applications of stem cells to human health.