INSPIRE Alumni (Name/INSPIRE Years/Current Position):


Eric Ho (2010-2013),

Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology with affiliation in Computer Science Department, Lafayette College, Easton, PA

Matthew Marcello (2010-2013),

Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biology and Health Sciences, Pace University, NYC;

Oyenike Olabisi (2010-2012),

Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Dept. of Biological Sciences, University of Delaware, Newark, DE;


Keith Feigenson (2011-2014),

Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Dept. of Psychology, Albright College, PA;

Benjamin Griffel (2011-2014),

Tenure-track Professor of Biology and Mathematics, Bard High School Early College;                    

Althea Stillman (2011-2014),

Director of Technology Transfer, University of Pennsylvania;

Andre Wallace (2011-2014),

Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences, Fairleigh Dickinson University, Teaneck, NJ;


Michael Nestor (2012-2014),

Investigator, Hussman Institute for Autism; Adjunct Faculty at University of Maryland;

Kenny Nguyen (2012-2015),

Head of Computational Science & Engineering, Children's Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP), PA;

Matthew Roche (2012-2015),

Research Specialist/University Behavioral Health Care/Rutgers;

Stephen Shannon (2012-2016),

Medical Affairs Fellow, Novocure

David Swope (2012-2015),  

Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Cooper Medical School, Rowan University;            

Krishna Tobon (2012-2014),

Staff Scientist, CytoSorbants Inc., NJ;


Maria Agapito (2013-2015),

Tenure-track Assistant Professor of Biology, St. Peter's University, Jersey City, NJ;

Amber Krauchunas (2013-2016),

Charles and Johanna Busch Postdoctoral Fellow, Rutgers-RWJMS;

Jason Lunden (2013-2016),

Investigator, Hussman Institute for Autism


Harita Menon (2014-2017),

Adjunct, Georgian Court University, NJ;

Ashley Pettit (2014-2017),

Visiting Professor of Public Health, Franklin Pierce University, NH;

Suzanne Quartuccio (2014-2017),  

Tenure-track Assistant Professor, Seton Hall University, NJ;            

Inna Nikonorova (Associate Fellow, 2015-2017),

Postdoctoral Fellows, Rutgers