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NIH-IRACDA New Jersey/New York for Science Partnerships in Research & Education

The INSPIRE (IRACDA New Jersey/New York for Science Partnerships in Research & Education) Postdoctoral Program at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School (RWJMS), sponsored by NIH-IRACDA (Institutional Research and Career Development Award), provides three years of mentored research experience at RWJMS or adjacent Rutgers University (70% effort), as well as training in educational methods, including mentored teaching at a nearby Minority-Serving Institution (30% effort). Learn more

Partnering on the INSPIRE program are three nearby Minority-Serving Institutions:

The INSPIRE program serves to fulfill two important goals: prepare diverse university-trained Ph.D. scientists for careers as scientist-educators in undergraduate colleges while increasing the participation of diverse populations in biomedical science research. The program has also increased interaction of RWJMS faculty with students and faculty of the partner schools. It has also enhanced the professional development of other trainees at this school who participate in INSPIRE activities (workshops on scientific writing, courses on scientific teaching).

Dr. Martha C. Soto
Co-PI and Co-Director of RWJMS-INSPIRE Program;

Associate Professor of the Department of Pathology, RWJMS

Director of the Postdoctoral Career Development Program of RWJMS      
Phone: 732-235-4424

Dr. Gary Brewer
Co-PI and Co-Director of RWJMS-INSPIRE Program;
Interim Chair of the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, RWJMS

Phone: 732-235-3473

Dr. Soto is also the Founder and Faculty Advisor for the BIO Links (Biosciences Links to Teaching) K-12 Outreach Program, which partners graduate students and postdoctoral fellows at RWJMS and Rutgers with local middle school and high school science teachers.

To learn about resources for postdoctoral fellows at RWJMS, including postdoctoral policies and support, and career development programs, please visit: