Match Day - March 17, 2011

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Robert Wood Johnson Medical School Sends 157 New Physicians to Hospitals Nationwide


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Laughter, tears and shrieks of joy erupted at noon on Thursday, March 17, on the New Brunswick and Camden campuses of UMDNJ-Robert Wood Johnson Medical School moments after 157 medical students opened envelopes that contained their futures.Today was Match Day across the United States, the day when thousands of medical students discover where they will spend their years of residency training following their upcoming graduation. Once again, RWJMS’ match rate of 98 percent exceeded the national average of 94.1 percent.

In New Brunswick, there are 100 students graduating in 2011.  Of these, 96 participated in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP); two students are delaying postgraduate training and two students withdrew from the NRMP as a result of matching in the Armed Forces Match. 94 matched in a residency of their career choice.

In Camden, there are 57 students graduating in 2011; 55 participated in the NRMP; one student is delaying postgraduate training and one student did not participate because they matched in the Armed Forces Match. 54 students matched in a residency of their career choice.

Of the 157 graduating students, 35 matched to programs in New Jersey and of these, 21 students matched to UMDNJ programs.



Internal Medicine                                  33
Family Practice                                        7
Pediatrics                                              11
SUBTOTAL                                           51  - 32.4%
OB/GYN                                                   3
TOTAL                                                  54  - 34%



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