Pre-Clinical Pharmacology Concentration



FALL Courses Credits Course Instructor Course Number
Pharmacotherapeutics 3 cr Dr. J Don Chen      MSBS 5045S
Physiological Basis of Disease 3 cr Dr. HZ Fan            MSBS 5025S
Cell Structure and Function                 3 cr Dr. J Kramer         MSBS 5065S
PreClinical Drug Development           3 cr Dr. W Welsh         PHAR 5610S
Thesis I                                                3 cr


SPRING Courses     
Medical Biochem & Mol.Biol. 3 cr Dr. EA Abali        

MSBS 5020S

Clinical Pharmacology Small Group    3 cr Dr. DS Pilch        PHAR 5620S
Biochemical Toxicology 4 cr

Dr.J Richardson

RU 16:963:505
Neuroscience                                         3 cr Dr.D Glendining 

MSBS 5060S

Thesis II     3 cr MSBS5000S




The courses and the specialized concentration were approved by the GSBS Executive council on       Aug2,2014. We trust this concentration will benefit those students looking to join the PhRMA industry in NJ as well as those wishing to pursue a PhD. in Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology in the future.



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