Program Overview

MD/PhD candidates will complete their MD training at Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School and the PhD training at Rutgers University, or Princeton University. Students can elect to participate in graduate programs outside the biological sciences.

The usual program will provide three years of graduate studies as follows:

Program Overview for MD-PhD program


Medical coursework: MD/PhD students will complete the same medical school curriculum as Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School MD students. View the RWJMS education site for more information on the medical school curriculum.

Graduate coursework: Students may transfer selected medical school courses to their graduate program upon advisor selection and program assignment. Additional graduate courses are taken based on requirements of the student's program or PhD thesis topic.

Full details are available in the MD/PhD Program Book.

Faculty participating in this program have appointments in one or more of the three collaborating institutions. See our listing of major research institutions and selected faculty profiles for more information.

Financial Program
Students accepted to the MD/PhD Program will receive tuition payment for all MD and PhD years in addition to a competitive stipend.

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