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August 2015: Congratulations Alex Lorestani !!

Alex Lorestani and his Princeton labmate Nick Ouzounov were awarded $250,000 by the IndieBio accelerator program to start a biotechnology company. They are leveraging synthetic biology to create a product with applications in the food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Their company is headquartered in San Francisco, CA. 

July 2015: Congratulations Ben Deverett & Vince Mirabella !!

Congratulations Ben Deverett (PhD 1 Princeton PI: Sam Wang) and Vince Mirabella (PhD 2 Rutgers PIs: Zhiping Pang MDPhD and Davide Comoletti PhD) on receiving the 2015 NIMH MD/PhD Molecular Psychiatry travel award!!

May 2015: Congratulations Margaret MacGibney !!


Margaret MacGibeny was awarded a F30 fellowship: "cytokine-induced antiviral responses in axons of peripheral nervous system neurons”


April 2015: Congratulations Heather McGowan !!


Heather McGowan was awarded a travel stipend in April 2015 from The 1st International Conference of the Trisomy 21 Research Society: "Changing Paradigms in Down Syndrome" in Paris, France.


April 2015: Congratulations Katie Morgan !!

Katie Morgan was awarded a F30 NIH Grant- "MicroRNAs mediating Notch signaling in lung adenocarcinoma"


August 2014: Congratulations Cliff Fulmer !!

Cliff received the honor of being elected into Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society

August 2014: Congratulations Matthew L. Kraushar!!

Matt temporally defined neocortical translation and polysome assembly are determined by the RNA-binding protein, Hu antigen R. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences USA.

August 2014: Congratulations Theresa Henry!!

Theresa Henry, a PhD student in Mark Brynildsen's lab at Princeton University, received her F30 NIH fellowship entitled "Development of a method to rapidly quantify persister gene expression".

June 2014: Congratulations Chris Massa!!

Chris's work titled "Pentoxifylline attenuates nitrogen mustard-induced acute lung injury, oxidative stress and inflammation" was published in the Experimental Molecular Pathology

May 2014: Congratulations Cliff!!

Cliff's work was published in the Journal of Neuroscience "Astrocyte-derived BDNF supports myelin protein synthesis after cuprizone-induced demyelination"

April 2014: Congratulations Mazell!!

Mazell was awarded the Ruth L. Kirschstein NRSA fellowship for Individual Predoctoral MD/PhD Degree Fellows (F30) for her research proposal titled "MHC1 molecules in age-related synapse loss at the neuromasuclar junction"

Match Results for Class of 2014

Congratulations to the MD/PhD class of 2014 on yet another successful match day!!

We are extremely proud of our graduating seniors who have been selected for positions at top-notch residency programs across the country, including:

  • Tim Arlow, PhD (Princeton ) – Ophthalmology – Wills Eye Institute
  • Desmond Brown, PhD (Princeton) – Neurosurgery – Mayo Clinic
  • Eric Chen, PhD (Princeton) – Orthopedic surgery – Boston University
  • Hilary Grosso, PhD (Rutgers) – Neurology – New York Presbyterian
  • Jay Oza, PhD (Rutgers) – Internal Medicine - Dartmouth


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