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Human Physiology in Medicine, MSBS 5081S

Course Director: Dr. Joseph Fondell   

Dept. of Pharmacology




Course Times: Monday and Wednesday (3:30 pm to 5:00 pm)

Room: V10 RWJMS Research Tower


Course Description:

This is a lecture/ discussion course covering the molecular basis of human physiological systems and related methodologies used in modern physiological and medical research. The course is subdivided into six parts including: 1) Nerve, Muscle and Bone Physiology, 2) Hormones, Signal Transduction, and Regulation of Gene Expression, 3) Sensory Physiology (hearing, taste, vision, smell, pain), 4)Pathophysiology of Metabolic Diseases, 5) Cellular and Physiological Homeostasis, and 6) Regenerative Medicine. Given the interdisciplinary nature of the course, no single textbook will be used. Rather, clinically relevant research papers, review articles or specific book chapters (assigned by each lecturer) will be available for downloading at the RWJMS AMP website or via the Rutgers RWJMS Library website.


Course Sections and Topics:


I. Nerve, Muscle and Bone Physiology

  • Membrane potentials/action potentials
  • Neurons and synaptic transmission
  • Ca2+ signaling and muscle contraction
  • Minerals and bone


II. Hormones, Signal Transduction and Gene Expression

  • mTOR signaling
  • Growth factors
  • Opioid signaling
  • Nuclear Hormone Receptors


III. Sensory Physiology

  • TRP channels as cellular sensors
  • Taste
  • Audition/Hearing
  • Vision


IV. Cellular and Physiological Homeostasis

  • Lysosomal storage diseases
  • DNA repair/cell survival
  • Autophagy
  • Microbiome


V. Pathophysiology of Metabolic Diseases

  • Pathophysiology of Acid-Base disorders
  • Diabetes Mellitus
  • Diabetes Mellitus and Metabolic Syndrome
  • research paper discussion


VI. Regenerative Medicine

  • Immunotherapy and cancer
  • Neuronal stem cells
  • Stem cell regenerative medicine for disease
  • Tissue engineering using biosynthetic materials