Curriculum consists of the following core courses and "selectives." 

Our curriculum is rigorous, having been pulled directly from our Medical School courses and taught by Medical School Faculty. This will allow students to demonstrate their ability to handle medical school course work while benefitting from additional knowledge acquisition that will assist in the transition to a full medical school curriculum.

Semester I 
Fall Required Courses
Microbiology & Immunology (3 cr) MSBS 5055S
Physiological Basis of Disease (3 cr) MSBS 5025S
Cellular Structure and Function (3 cr) MSBS 5065S
Capstone Project* (3 cr) MBS 5040S
Masters Thesis Research** (3cr) MSBS 5000S
Fall Electives
Humanism and Medicine (2 cr) MSBS 5015S
Primer on Global Health (2 cr) MSBS 5080S
Regenerative Medicine (2 cr) MSBS 5085S
Personalized Medicine (2 cr) MSBS 5090S
Clinical Drug Development (2 cr) MSBS 5120S
Neurobiology of Addiction (2 cr) MSBS 5135S
Neurons and Neighbors (2) MSBS 5095S
Embryology (3 cr) MSBS 5075S
Effective Communication (2 cr) MSBS 5145S
Semester II
Spring Required Courses
Gross Anatomy (4 cr) MSBS 5010S
Pharmacotherapeutics (3 cr) MSBS 5045S
Medical Biochemistry (3 cr) MSBS 5020S                             
Capstone Project* (3 cr) MBS 5041S
Masters Thesis Research** (3cr) MSBS 5000S
Spring Electives
Behavioral Science (3 cr) MSBS 5070S
Embryology (3 cr) MSBS 5075S
Environmental Health (3 cr) MSBS 5050S  
Neuroscience (3 cr) MSBS 5060S
Human Physiology in Medicine (3) MSBS 5081S
Clinical Pharmacology Small Group (3 cr) PHAR 5620S
Biomedical Aspects of Aging (3 cr) MSBS 5140S

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*  The Capstone Project is a total of 6 credit-hours of one-on-one or small group instruction in an area of clinical or research interest, chosen by the student.  No thesis is required.

** Masters Thesis Research is a total of 6 credit-hours of thesis work and a one-credit Ethics course offered in the Spring Semester requiredfor the MSBS students.

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