3rd Year Electives

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Dermatology Electives

DERM 8810

Dermatology for 3rd-Yr Students

Jisun Cha, MD

Family Medicine Electives

FMED 8822

Introduction to Sports Medicine
(New Brunswick)

Kinshasa Morton, MD

FMED 8823

Hospital-Based Family Practice (Network Family Medicine Residency Programs)

Joyce Afran, MD

Multidisciplinary Elective

MDC 8806




MDC 8810

The Promise Clinic Continuity Elective
Part III
(St. Johns Clinic)


Longitudinal Primary Care

(Family Medicine at Monument Square, NB)



Susan Giordano




David E. Swee, MD

MDC 8860



MDC 8880



Literature and Medicine - III


Introduction to Clinical Research

Gloria Bachmann, MD
Nancy Phillips, MD


David Kountz, MD

Medicine Electives

MED 8820

Allergy/Pulmonary/Critical Care
(St. Francis Medical Center)

A.J. Ricketti, MD

MED 8822


James Beattie , MD

MED 8826

(Princeton) Prerequisite: Internal Medicine Clerkship

Robert Meirowitz, MD

MED 8827

(RWJUH/SPUH/East Brunswick)

Steven E. Kim, MD

MED 8830


Rama Sudhindra, MD

OBGYN Electivess

OBG 8820

Surgical Technique in Gynecology

Gary Ebert, MD

Pediatric Electives

General Pediatrics
(Jersey Shore)

Steven Kairys, MD

PEDS 8870

Pediatric Endocrinology
(Jersey Shore)

S. Eapen, MD/C.
C. Meyers-Seifer, MD
Psychiatry Electives

PSYC 8830

Psychiatry at the Movies: Film
Depictions to Learn Elements
Related to Mental Disease

Anthony Tobia, MD  

PSYC 8831

Must See TwitterVision (Must See TV):

Learning Psychiatry Through Analysis

of Selected TV Shows

Anthony Tobia, MD