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Student Health Clinic at Hurtado Health Center
Hurtado Health Center is the largest of three Health Centers within Rutgers Health Services.
Rutgers’ Pharmacy is located within the Health Center.


Mon -Thur: 8:30 am – 5:00 pm
Fri:  10:00 am – 8:00 pm

After hours: Call the RHS Advice Nurse Line:1-800-890-5882
For urgent medical attention or for an actual emergency call the Rutgers Police or 911.
11 Bishop Place
New Brunswick, NJ 08901

Contact Information:

Student Health Clinic at Monmument Square

All students have access to the Student Health Service at the Family Practice Center (FPC) at Monument
Square. Support for this Service is included in student general service fee, so basic primary healthcare is provided to students at no additional charge.

The Student Health Service is also responsible for maintaining immunization and health records for all

Access to the Student Health Service is through Family Medicine at Monument Square, located on the first floor of 317 George Street in downtown New Brunswick.

Access is by appointment, during regular hours of operation (8:30 AM to 5:00 PM and selected evenings).
For appointments please call (732) 235-5160. Walk-in sick hours are available 7:45am to 8:15am Monday
through Friday for acute illness only.

Family Medicine at Monument Square
317 George Street New Brunswick, NJ 08901
Phone: (732) 235-5160

For more details about Student Health Services at the Family Practice Center at Monument Square, click here

Student Health Insurance- University Health Plans (UHP)

Under University policy, all full-time Rutgers Biomedical Health Science (RBHS) students as well as part-time RBHS students who participate in clinical experience as part of their educational programs are required to be covered by health and accident insurance.  All students will be automatically enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Plan unless an online Waiver Form is completed and submitted each year by the student who wishes to waive coverage.  The Waiver Form must be complete online by the September 30th deadline.  The University, in conjunction with United Healthcare Insurance Company, offers a plan which fulfills the RBHS insurance requirements.

For more information regarding University Health Plans (UHP), Click Here.

Student Dental Insurance

Rutgers offers our students, postdoctoral fellows and their dependents the DeltaCare dental insurance plan. Enrollment in this plan is voluntary; it is not required insurance.

Students and postdoctoral fellows interested in participating in the plan will enroll on line through University Health Plans (UHP). The on-line enrollment form, plan benefits and highlights and a list of network dentists can be found by Clicking Here.

July 15 is the enrollment deadline for coverage from August 1 to July 31. Deadlines of August 15 and September 15, have been established as well for September 1 and October 1 effective dates respectively. Students who enroll after the first deadline of July 15 may not appear on their dentist's roster until the first week of the effective date, and their dentist will need to call DeltaCare to verify eligibility. The premium will not be pro-rated for the September and October effective dates. Students with questions regarding the plan or the enrollment process should be referred to UHP via email at, or telephone at (800) 437-6448.

Disability Services

Reasonable accommodations will be provided to qualified School of Graduate Studies students with documented disabilities through the Office of Disability Services.  Students who are requesting accommodations must complete the application for services (steps below) and be approved for the accommodations requested.

To apply for reasonable accommodations and services, students must:

1) Complete and submit the Registration Form.  The form will be routed to the Director of Disability Services.  Once your form is received, you will be contacted to schedule a meeting.

2) Schedule an intake interview meeting
You will need to make an appointment for an intake meeting with the Director for Disability Services

3) Submit appropriate documentation
You must provide The Office of Disability Services (ODS) with the appropriate documentation that meets with guidelines for your disability, by email, fax, or by bringing the documentation to your appointment.

4) Once you have completed the intake, and your documentation has been reviewed, ODS will make an appropriate determination of reasonable accommodations based on the nature and impact of your disability.

5) In response to your accommodation request, you will receive written correspondence regarding the approval/disapproval or request for additional information as well as information regarding your with the next steps.

Additional information is available at the Office of Disability Services website.


Please note: Below are links you may utilize to request various disability related services.

· Request your Letter of Accommodation:

· Request Alternate format texts:

· Contact your RBHS Office of Disability Services school liaison for assistance.

· Register to be considered for disability related accommodations:

· Additional information about the RBHS Office of Disability Services may be found at



Student International Travel and Health Insurance

The University offers students and employees traveling abroad on University-authorized educational or work experiences a program of insurance through International SOS (ISOS). ISOS helps students and employees traveling abroad on University-authorized educational or work experiences with a 24/7 resource - on call, online and even on the ground - to help with any medical, security and logistical questions, concerns and situations that may arise. International SOS is NOT health insurance. Rutgers Department of Risk Management & Insurance provides ISOS services free of charge to its students, faculty and staff.  No registration is necessary for ISOS.  Certain services are subject to the authorization and approval of Rutgers Risk Management. Click here for information on the ISOS website.   Please contact the GSBBS at RWJMS office (732-235-5016) to obtain the password.

HTH is international health insurance.  HTH assists in providing health networks and medical care outside of the US.  Rutgers requires all international STUDENT travelers to purchase the HTH international health insurance.  It is optional for faculty and staff.  HTH health coverage currently costs $38/month (no prorate) to Rutgers students/faculty and staff.  Registration for HTH is done through Rutgers Dept. of Risk Management & Insurance.  Contact Steven Martini by email or 848-932-3008 for assistance.

Click here to access Rutgers Risk Management website for additional information on the ISOS program and International Health Insurance.




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