Current Students



Adenrele (Dee) Akintobi


Undergrad: Douglass College, B.S., Biochemistry


Advisor: Barth Grant, PhD


Thesis Project: C. elegans F-BAR Protein SDPN-1 in Endocytic Recycling


Melvili Cintron


Undergrad: University of Puerto Rico in Mayagüez, B.S., Industrial Biotechnology


 Advisor: Nancy Woychik, PhD


 Thesis project: Functional Analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis VapC Toxins



Deanna DeVore


Undergrad: Montclair State University, B.S., Biology


Advisor: Maureen Barr, PhD


Thesis Project: Extracellular Matrix Genes Regulate Ciliary Integrity and Ciliary Receptor Localization




Olufunmilola (Funmi) Ibironke


Undergrad: Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria, M.Sc., Zoology

     Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, M.S., Molecular Microbiology         & Immunology


Advisor: Stephan Schwander, PhD


Thesis Project: Effects of Air Pollution Particulate Matter on Adaptive Immunity to Mycobacterium tuberculosis


Alejandra Laureano-Ruiz


Undergrad: University of Puerto Rico, Rio Piedras Campus, B.S., Molecular and Cell Biology


Advisor: Kelvin Kwan, PhD


Thesis Project: Role of Sox2 in Neuronal Differentiation of Multipotent Otic Progenitor Cells


Eileen Oni


Undergrad: Rowan University, B.S., Biological Sciences


Advisor: Ronald P. Hart, PhD


Thesis Project: Understanding the Role of rs16969968 Variant on Mesocorticolimbic Circuitry upon Stimulation of Nicotine


Christina Ramirez


Undergrad: Seton Hall University, M.S., Biology (Neuroscience Track)


Advisor: Tony Ah-Ng Kong, PhD


Thesis Project: Chemoprevention of Skin Cancer: Targeting Nrf2 Expression using Triterpenoids 


Lizahira Rodriguez


Undergrad: University of Puerto Rico at Mayagüez, B.S., Industrial Biology


Advisor: Shridar Ganesan, MD/PhD


Thesis Project: Role of G9a in the DNA Repair Pathway 





Gabriel Villegas


Undergrad: Rutgers University, B.S., Molecular Biology and Biochemistry


Advisor: Isaac Edery, PhD


Thesis Project: Proteomic Based Strategies and Investigating Circadian Clock Protein Structures, Interactions and Post Translational Modifications



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