PhD Curriculum

Transfer Students

Course Requirements:

The PIB Academic Standing Committee and the Student's research sponsor will evaluate the student's academic background, and select with the student the courses which must be taken in addition to those previously completed. No more than 24 course credits may be transferred from another institution, and the requirement of a minimum of 32 total course credits must in any case be met. The Ethical Scientific Conduct course must be completed prior to graduation, preferably in the first year of the program. Click here for details on the course.

Qualifying and Propositional/Oral Exam:

The PIB Academic Standing Committee will in addition determine when the Qualifying and Propositional/Oral Exams should be taken. It will generally consist of two parts:

   1. An oral qualifying examination to evaluate the student's understanding and knowledge of the general areas of organismal, cellular and molecular physiology plus a more detailed examination of subject areas specifically related to the student's proposed area of research.

   2. The propositional/oral exam will have the same format and purpose as that of the propositional/oral exam described above for students following the traditional Molecular Biosciences Program path.

The examining committee should consist of a minimum of three faculty members, two of whom should be members of the PIB program. The members are to be chosen by the student and approved in writing by director of the PIB program.

Thesis Committee and Defense:

The requirements and conditions are as described above for students in the section Subsequent Years in the PIB Program.

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