PhD Curriculum

Transfer Students

Course Requirements:

Most transfer students to the Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology program arrive with a Masters degree from another academic institution. Transfer of previous course credits (up to 12) is worked out case-by-case, based on compatibility of course subject matter and the field of thesis research. To reach the minimum of 32 course credits required for the PhD, transfer students can supplement the required Pharmacology courses with 4 credits from the Molecular Biosciences core curriculum or choose additional relevant electives from the Rutgers University Graduate School Course Catalogue - New Brunswick.

Qualifying and Propositional/Oral Exam:

Students who transfer into the Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology Program with a Masters degree are not obligated to take the written qualifying exam. However, the oral qualifying exam must be taken within 3 semesters of arrival. Exams scheduled for the third semester require administrative approval of the graduate program director. 

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