Cancer Biology Training Program

The interdisciplinary Cancer Biology Training Program (CBTP), offered in conjunction with the Cancer Institute of New Jersey, is a specialized concentration within the Pharmacology Graduate Program.

Entrance to the CBTP concentration follows the usual paths of admission to the Pharmacology Graduate Program. The curriculum for the CBTP concentration consists of three major components: 1) the first year core course requirements of the Molecular Biosciences Program; 2) an abbreviated set of courses within the Pharmacology Program plus additional CBTP course options (see details below); and 3) mentored research experience in one of the several areas of cancer biology. The curriculum is designed to provide a strong foundation in areas that underlie basic biology of cancer and translational cancer research. These components are designed to impart the core knowledge and skills fundamental to patient-oriented therapeutic cancer research and to develop the interests, skills and experiences of our trainees to commit successfully to their careers as independent cancer researchers. Students interested in the CBTP concentration should contact the Graduate Program Director.

An application for the CBTP concentration must be completed and authorized by the Program Director. Click here

Students who choose the CBTP concentration take the following courses of the Pharmacology program:
  • Principles of Drug Action and Targeting (Course ID: 16:718:680, Dr. Jin).
  • Two of the seven seminar courses.
  • One relevant three-credit elective chosen from the Rutgers University Graduate School Course Catalogue - New Brunswick.

In addition, CBTP students take two of the four accredited electives listed below.

  • Cancer Molecular Biology(Course ID: 16:681:585, Dr. Axelrod and Program faculty)
  • Topics in Molecular Medicine (Course ID: 16:681:681, Dr. Chaudhary and Program Faculty)
  • Biostatistics in Clinical Trial Design and Management (Course ID: BIOM-0660-001, Dr. Shih)
  • Genomics in Cancer Therapeutics (Course ID: 16:718:603, Dr. Banerjee).

A wide variety of multidisciplinary conferences, seminars and non-accredited courses are also available at the Cancer Institute of New Jersey and affiliated institutions.

  • The CINJ Graduate Student/Fellow Weekly Research Seminar Series
  • The CINJ Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Cancer Center Grand Rounds
  • Annual Scientific Retreat
  • Non-accredited courses:
  • Clinical Research Methods (Dr. Sunita Chaudhary and CINJ Faculty)
  • Bioinformatics and Cancer (Course Directors: Rajagopal and Ganesan CINJ)
  • Grant Writing (Dr. Sunita Chaudhary and CINJ Faculty)
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