PhD Curriculum

Subsequent Years

All students who join the Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology Program take a mandatory course entitled Principles of Drug Action and Targeting (16:718:680), as well as four of the seven 2-credit seminar courses offered by the Program. Pharmacology Program course offerings can be found with the link in the right margin. To reach the minimum number of course credits (32), students must choose one relevant three-credit elective from the Rutgers University Graduate School Course Catalogue - New Brunswick. Many students choose the Genomics in Cancer Therapeutics course (16:718:603) offered by Pharmacology Program. Students may take additional relevant courses after consultation with their research advisors.

For information on the Cancer Biology Concentration, please click here

Each student must pass the oral qualifying exam before the end of the second year. Every year thereafter, each student must meet with a research advisory committee to monitor progress toward the PhD degree.

All 2nd, 3rd and 4th year students in the Pharmacology Graduate Program must present their research progress once a year in the Graduate Student Research Seminar (aka Progress Reports, 16:718:685, 1 credit). Students register for this course in the spring but the course meets weekly throughout the academic calendar year.

The Pharmacology department maintains a seminar announcement bulletin board, as well as e-mail alerts. Numerous additional scientific seminars are presented across the joint Rutgers and RWJMS campuses. Click here to see the current schedule of events.

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