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PhD Curriculum

Credit Requirements

A minimum of 72 total credits is required for the PhD. This must include a minimum of 32 credits of formal course work and a minimum of 24 credits of research.

Advancement to candidacy for the Ph.D. in Biochemistry involves successfully passing a Written Qualifying Examination and an Oral Proposition Examination.

Qualifying Exam

At the end of the first year (June) all students take a written Qualifying Examination covering the core program.  This exam tests the student's ability to integrate the basic concepts and information learned in core courses and applies them to current problems in biochemistry and molecular biology.

Students who do not pass the Qualifying Exam in June will be reviewed by the Executive Committee and are typically offered one additional opportunity to take the examination the following year.  The committee may recommend additional remedial course work.  A second failure will result in dismissal from PhD candidacy.