M.S. Students

Academic Year ’18-’19 Tuition & Fee Schedule

Tuition for Full Time (NJ Resident) $ 5,354.00 per semester
Tuition for Full Time (Non-Resident) $ 7,981.50 per semester
Tuition for Part Time (NJ Residents) $ 838.00 per credit
Tuition for Part Time (Non-Residents) $ 1,083.00 per semester
Thesis Phase $ 200.00 per semester
Campus Fee $ 359.50 per semester
School Fee (GSA) $ 17.00 per semester
Health Insurance (F/T students only) $ 2,155.00 per year
Graduation Fee $ 40.00 one time fee
Late Registration Fee $ 50.00
Technology Fee $ 50.00
International Student Fee $ 250.00 per semester


  • All M.S. students must register for a minimum of 9 credits per semester to maintain full-time status. 4.5-8.99 credits per semester for half time status; 0- 4.49 credits will be considered less than half time.                    
  • All Full-Time students will automatically be enrolled in the UnitedHealthcare Insurance plan. Student opting to waive insurance coverage must complete an online waiver form each year no later than September 30.

NOTE: Tuition and fees are subject to change without prior notice

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