Master of Biomedical Science Evening Program Fall 2018




Congratulations and welcome to the Evening Master of Biomedical Science (MBS) Program.  This program is designed to accommodate students who wish to flex the Schedule as well as those who are employed full time and cannot attend classes during the day. Highlights of the evening program are small and intimate class size and the option of the quantitative course “Biomedical Statistics” that prepares students to pursue future clinical research.


Class times for the required courses 5 to 8 pm (some electives may start earlier)


An example of course distribution for the evening MBS students is given below:



Required Courses  in Red


Fall 1:


Cell Structure and Function                                3 credits


Microbiology and Immunology                           3 credits  


*Elective                                                              2 credits                 


Spring 1:


Medical Biochemistry                                          3 credits     


*Elective (on line)                                              3 credits


Fall 2:


Physiological Basis of Disease                            3 credits


Biomedical Statistics                                            3 credits


Capstone                                                               3 credits


*Elective                                                               2 credits


Spring 2:


Pharmacology                                                       3 credits


Capstone                                                               3 credits


Total 30 credits


(*Either 2 three credit elective courses or 1 three credit and 2 two credit elective courses)


Students can choose from the following electives


Personalized Medicine               2 credits


Clinical Drug Development         2 credits


Neurobiology of Addiction          2 credits


Embryology  (on line)                3 credits (31 credits in total if this elective is chosen)


Anatomy (on line)                      3 credits (31 credits in total if this elective is chosen)


Humanism and Medicine            2 credits



Applicants to this program will typically have a bachelor’s degree in Science and Arts or related discipline.  All applicants to the Masters program will require General GRE, MCAT or DAT scores. TOEFL scores will be required of students from countries in which English is not the native language.  Anticipated enrollment is about 20 students per year.







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