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Environmental Health, MSBS 5050S

Course Director:   Dr. Cliff Weisel

Dept. of Environmental and Ocuppartional Health

Course Description:

This course provides students with an overview of environmental health issues, scientific understanding of the causes, and approaches to prevent or minimize the negative impacts of the environment on health. Topics include the types and sources of environmental agents that may affect public health, interaction of human with environment, health effects associated with exposure to environmental agents, emerging global environmental health problems, risk assessment, and prevention and mitigation of environmental health problems. The course format consists of formal lectures, class discussion, and homework assignments, mid-term and final exams. Students are encouraged to participate actively in classroom discussions.

Course Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:
Define the major sources and types of environmental agents.
Describe exposure pathways to environmental agents.
Select or use adequate techniques to measure or estimate exposures in epidemiologic and other type of health studies.
Understand the types of adverse health effects from exposure to environmental agents and potential underlined mechanisms.
Identify and define the steps in health risk assessment and management processes.
Identify and suggest proper solutions for common environmental health problems.

Class Topics
1 Course Introduction: Scope and Nature of Environmental Health
2 Environmental Epidemiology
3 Environmental Epidemiology-CONT'
4 Environmental Toxicology
5 Agents of Environmental Diseases
6 Zoonotic and Microbial Agents, Quiz One
7 Toxic Metals
8 Elements
9 Pesticides and Dioxins
10 Other Persistant Organic Pollutants
11 Radiation
12 Applications of Environmental Health
14 Water Quality
15 Drinking Water Contamination
16 Food Contamination
17 Food and Waterborne Diseases
18 Ambient Air Pollution
19 Indoor Air Quality
20 Health Effects of Air Pollution
21 Solid and Liquid Wastes
22 Occupational Health
23 Factors Enhancing Susceptibility to Environmental Pollution
24 Disasters and Response
25 Environmental Risk Assessment and Management
26 Prevention and Control of Exposure to Environmental Hazards
27 Environmental Policy and Regulation