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Capstone Projects

Course Directors:


Dr. Debabrata Banerjee

Dept. Pharmacology


Dr. Smita Thakker- Varia

Dept. of Neuroscience and Cell Biology


Course Description:

One of the definitions of the word “capstone” is a crowning achievement.  This course is meant to provide the student an opportunity to perform a research project that he/she considers the crowning achievement of their Master’s program at Rutgers School of graduate Studies at Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.  In the first term, students will be provided a list of available research mentors.  The students are responsible for contacting and meeting with potential mentors.  Once a mentor is chosen, students will then devise a research project with their mentor and determine the appropriate methodologies to be used to conduct the project.  Research methods may include, but are not limited to, reviewing primary literature, conducting interviews, observing clinical procedures, attending group or lab meetings, and conducting laboratory research.  We expect that the student will set up weekly meetings with his/her mentor during which time discussions regarding research focus and direction will help to keep the project on track.  Approximately half way through the first term, students will be required to submit a detailed project outline.  At the end of the first term students must present a 10-minute oral presentation to their peers.  In the second term, students will be expected to produce a 10-page paper on their research.  This should not be confused with an undergraduate term paper.  The report should represent the absolute cutting edge in the field and provide insight into future directions.