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The third year of medical school consists of six clinical clerkships and a one-week introductory course “Introduction to the Clerkship Experience”.  Clerkships in Medicine and Surgery are eight weeks long.  The clerkships in Family Medicine, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Pediatrics, and Psychiatry are six weeks in length.  The order in which students take these clerkships varies. 

Prior to entering into the third clerkship of the third year curriculum, each student must pass the USMLE Step I Exam.  Some RWJMS students are scheduled to take the three week Neurology Clerkship during their third year, while others takes it during their fourth year.  Students therefore have either five or eight weeks for electives during their third year. 

Successful completion of the Summative Clinical Skills Assessment (SCSA), offered at the end of the third year, is required for graduation.  Third year students must also complete appropriate requirements and documentation regarding seven global skills: Venipuncture for Sampling of Peripheral Blood, Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation, Arterial Puncture, Nasogastric Tube Insertion, Bladder Catheterization of Males, Bladder Catheterization of Females, and Suturing.

An Advanced Cardiac Life Support course will be offered at three different sessions during the fourth year, and must be successfully completed before graduation. 

Each student will participate in the Patient Centered Medicine (PCM) III course, which spans the entire third year of the RWJMS curriculum.

  • Clinical Correlates
  • Family Medicine Clerkship
  • Introduction to Clerkship Experience
  • Medicine Clerkship
  • Neurology Clerkship
  • Neurology Clerkship Courses:

    NEUR 8902 Robert Wood Johnson Medical School
    NEUR 8905 Jersey Shore University Medical Center

  • Obstetrics and Gynecology Clerkship
  • Patient Centered Medicine III
  • Pediatric Clerkship
  • Psychiatry Clerkship
  • Surgery Clerkship
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