Programs for Undergraduate Students

Summer Clinical Internships for Undergraduates Interested in Medicine

Participants will have the opportunity to shadow clinical faculty members at the medical facilities in New Brunswick, New Jersey. Distinguished faculty from a variety of specialties will host students. Students will be paired with faculty in specialties representing students’ interests. The program runs 5 days a week for 6 weeks. Students are encouraged to keep the hours of the clinicians in order to get a real sense of the specialty, the issues in patient care and the practice of medicine. A lunchtime seminar series will complement the clinical experiences. Students will also take part in a pedagogic exercise at the end of the program. Students will make brief presentations to their peers on topics selected and researched with the guidance of the faculty preceptors.

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Biomedical Careers Program

The Biomedical Careers Program (BCP) is an intensive six-week summer program offering academic enrichment in the sciences and health care orientated activities. BCP offers three levels of coursework and six different curricula for students at various stages of their undergraduate education. Each level includes a combination of lectures, laboratories, clinical correlations, and small group sessions. BCP serves undergraduates who are economically and/or educationally disadvantaged.

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RISE at Rutgers/Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

The Research in Science and Engineering (RISE) program for undergraduates. The purpose of the program is to increase diversity in the science, mathematics and engineering fields.

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