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Vasily M. Studitsky, Ph.D.


Academic Appointments
2008-present: Professor, Department of Pharmacology, UMDNJ.
1998-present: Adjunct Professor, Moscow State University, Moscow, Russia.
2003-present: Member, The Cancer Institute of New Jersey

Professional Membership, Awards and Honors
2006 – present: NSF Prokaryotic Molecular and Cellular Biology Panel member
2005 – present: Member of the Editorial Board of the journal “Molecular Biology”

UMDNJ, Department of Pharmacology
2004-present: Research Excellence Committee.

2009: GSBS Director Assistant Search Committee.

THESIS COMMITTEES (only graduate students in the laboratory):
2005-present: Daria Gaykalova – Mechanism of chromatin remodeling by RNA polymerase II, UMDNJ.
2006-present: Fu-Kai Hsieh – Mechanism of transcription of polynucleosomes by Pol II, UMDNJ.
2008-present: Han-Wen Chang – Mechanism of nucleosome survival during Pol II transcription, UMDNJ.aduate students):

Member of graduate committees
2008 – 2009: Xinxing Qiu, Daibhid O'Maoileidigh, Jesus Rosado, Luk P. Yeung, Chia-Ching Chou, Guohui Zheng, Khanh Dinh (Chen lab), Tzung-Ju Wu (Zheng's lab), Yi Ban (Liu's lab)

UMDNJ, School of Medicine
2004-present: Core Curriculum of the Molecular BioSciences Program, BIOCHEM-5502, Nucleic Acids/Chromatin Units, 4 hours lectures. Leader.
2006-present: Graduate course PHARM-5605, Chromatin Modification Pathways as Drug Targets, 2 hours lectures. Leader.
2006-2008: Annual qualifying exam, papers assignment, questions preparation & proctoring.
2007-2008: Pharmacology Annual Progress Report program, Director.

Rutgers University
2008-present: Chromatin and Epigenomics FS08 Advanced Undergraduate course, Chromatin remodeling during transcription, 2 hours lectures. Leader.

2004-present: Medical teaching PHARM 7000 - Urinary diseases/Tuberculosis/Antimalaria drugs, 6 hours (3 hours lectures & 3 hours Case Study). Leader.
2004-present: Medical teaching – Clinical Pharmacology Small Group Conferences (12 to 14 hours). Leader.

Invited Speaking Presentations (Foreign and Domestic)
2008: “How to preserve epigenetic marks: Mechanism of nucleosome survival during Pol II transcription”
03/06, Institute of Gene Biology, Moscow, Russia
03/14, Biochemistry, Penn State University College of Medicine, Hershey, PA
06/12, Plenary lecture, BioMaPS meeting “Chromatin Structure & Function”, Rutgers University, NJ
11/10, Biophysics, Johns Hopkins University
2009: “Mechanisms of distant communication on DNA and in chromatin”
04/24, Biochemistry, Penn State University College of Medicine, Hershey, PA
06/22, Lecture, FASEB Summer Research Conferences: Mechanism and Regulation of Prokaryotic Transcription, VT
“Mechanism of chromatin remodeling and recovery during Pol II transcription”
07/15, Lecture, FASEB Summer Research Conferences: Chromatin & Transcription, Snowmass, CO