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Undergraduate Education


Physician Assistant Course in Pathology

The Rutgers University School of Health Related Professions - Physician Assistant Program confers a Master of Science degree upon completion of three years of didactic and clinical education. During the didactic phase of the Program, students study the basic sciences (anatomy, physiology, pathology, etc.) to prepare a foundation for the clinical sciences (clinical medicine, physical diagnosis, etc.) which are learned during the latter half of the program.


During the first year of the A curriculum, the Department of Pathology conducts a year-long introductory course designed to establish a foundation of basic knowledge of general pathology and a comprehensive approach to systemic disease tailored to the needs of a physician assistant. Drs. Eugene Martin and Parisa Javidian serve as course directors for the PA Pathology program, assisted by Nancy Martin, the course coordinator.


Based upon the textbook, Robbin’s BASIC PATHOLOGY, 9th Ed. By Kumar, Cotran and Robbins, Saunders, the course provides an introduction to the mechanisms of disease and the clinical characteristics of a broad spectrum of disease entities.  The focus of our efforts is to provide a foundation for the understanding of disease states at the molecular, cellular, tissue, organ, and organismal levels. 


Faculties from the Department lecture, facilitate discussions, present illustrative cases, providegross presentations and clinical enrichnment throughout the course. Additional volunteer faculty are recruited as needed to provide information on topics such as: the role of the Medical Examiner, oral pathololgy and gerontology.


Graduates of PA program consistently achieve outstanding results on the PA National Certifying Examination (PANCE) with scores that typically place them in the upper 97th percentile nationwide. 

Gene Martin, Ph.D.
Parisa Javidian, MD
Co-Course Directors