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Current Residents

Class of 2018

Adeola Awomolo, MD

Medical school: SUNY Upstate

Undergraduate: SUNY Potsdam

Hometown: Bronx, New York

What made you choose RWJ: Great location, fun residents

Favorite sports team: San Antonio Spurs

Next vacation destination: Seychelles

If you weren't a physician, you'd be a: Detective

Cybill Esguerra, MD

Hometown: Joplin, Missouri (but I also claim St. Louis)

Undergraduate: Washington University in St. Louis

Medical school: Saint Louis University

What made you choose RWJ: My interview day coincided with a huge snowstorm and was actually cancelled. I showed up anyway, and it ended up being my favorite experience on the interview trail.

Favorite NJ activity: Window-shopping on Nassau Street in Princeton / finding new bubble tea shops (they're everywhere)

Next vacation destination: Morocco

If you weren't a physician, you'd be a: Pilates junkie

Ashley Fuchs, MD

Hometown: Canfield, OH

Undergraduate institution: University of Akron

Medical school: University of Toledo

What made you choose RWJ: The amazing residents and faculty

Next vacation destination: Key Largo, FL

If I weren't a physician, I would be a: Scuba instructor

Favorite Disney princess: Belle

Currently binge watching: Game of Thrones (I have to catch up after night float!)

Amy N. Patel, MD

Hometown: Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

Undergraduate: University of Southern California (Go Trojans!)

Medical school: Rutgers - NJMS

What made you choose RWJ: Diverse patient population, good reputation, fun residents and there's a lot to do in/around New Brunswick

Favorite NJ activity: Getting my tan on at the Jersey shore

Next vacation destination: South Africa

If you weren't a physician, you'd be an: Astronomer 

Mita Patel, MD

Medical School: University of Missouri

Undergraduate: University of Missouri (aka Mizzou aka where Brad Pitt and Jon Hamm went to college)

Hometown: Columbia, Missouri (home of Mizzou Tigers)

What made you choose RWJ: : I used to live in NJ as a kid and really wanted to be near my family here again. What really sold me is how dedicated our program director Dr. Ebert is to his residents. He is one of the most genuine directors I spoke with, and he is our biggest advocate. It really makes for that sense of camaraderie you want in a program.

Favorite thing about NJ: Anything and everything you could want to do is within walking, driving, or train distance (like you can spontaneously go to the Beyonce/Jay-Z concert if you couldn't make a decision until you got off work that night)

Next vacation destination: Greece (Dear future Chief Resident, this is how I'm officially requesting vacation and calling dibs on going to Dr. Orfanelli's wedding)

If you weren't a physician, you'd be a: Movie trailer editor or travel photographer 

Favorite Disney princess: Mulan because she's not afraid of anything, and she's Asian (but I have to make a plug for Disney's best kept secret that doesn't have a princess...A Goofy Movie)