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Current Residents

Class of 2016 - PGY IV

Vivek Gupta, MD

Medical school: St. George's University

Undergraduate instution: Cornell University

Hometown: Chicago, IL

What made you choose RWJ: Opportunity to manage high risk obstetrical patients and perform translational research

Favorite sports team: Chicago Bears

Favorite cafeteria food: Mexican and Greek, tie

Next vacation destination: Aruba


Sharon Jackson, MD

Medical school: University of Toledo

Undergraduate institution: Case Western Reserve University

Hometown: Niles, Ohio

What made you choose RWJ: We have a fantastic balance of OB and GYN, including all the sub-specialties. I also had a great time at the pre-interview dinner and thought "Wow, I could definitely work with these people."

If you weren't a physician, you'd be a: Cruise director

If you could have any superpower, it would be: Teleportation

Your favorite Dr. Ebert memory: When he invited all of us to his house for a BBQ and board game night with his family

Kerri Keselowsky, MD

Medical school: RWJ

Undergraduate institution: Notre Dame, the greatest university on earth

Hometown: Oakhurst, NJ

What made you choose RWJ: I felt I blended well with the residents

Last read: The Girl on the Train

Favorite sports team: The Fighting Irish, in any sport

Next vacation destination: Maine!

If I weren't a physician, I would be a: Marine biologist

Favorite NJ activity or location: Riding my beach cruiser at the Jersey Shore

Currently binge-watching: House of Cards

Favorite cafeteria food: French fries! And the Asian peanut chicken salad

Nayo Williams, MD

Medical school: Robert Wood Johnson, Camden Campus

Undergraduate institution: Bucknell University

Hometown: Columbia, Maryland

What made you choose RWJ: Missed the interview dinner but loved the people on interview day. Good mix of OB and GYN

If I could have any super power. it would be: Teleporting

Favorite sports team: Baltimore Ravens

If I weren't a physician, I would be an: Entertainment news reporter

Currently binge-watching: Revenge, the prime time soap opera that deserved to be cancelled but I'm still watching