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Continuing Education


LOCATION: The Cancer Institute of New Jersey

195 Little Albany Street, New Brunswick

Auditorium A, 1st Floor

7:45 – 8:45 AM Grand Rounds


October 2015


  7                      7:45 am RWJUH Business Meeting

14                      Grand Rounds

                           “Beyond BRCA 1&2:
                          Clinical implications of multi-gene testing for hereditary cancers"

                          Dr. Deborah Toppmeyer

                          Director, Stacy Goldstein Breast Cancer Center, Director, LIFE Center,

                          Chief Medical Officer, Chief, Solid Tumor Oncology

                          Rutgers Cancer Institute

                                     Dr. Hetal Vig

                          Assistant Professor, Basic Science

     Rutgers Cancer Institute

21                      Grand Rounds

                          "Newborn Screening in New Jersey:  An Update for ObGyn Providers

                          Suzanne Karabin, MS, CGC

                          Research Scientist

                          New Jersey Department of Health

     Family Health Services

     Newborn Screening and Genetic Services Program

28                     M&M GYN


November 2015

  4                    Medical Grand Rounds

  Clinical Academic Building Room 1302, 8:00 am

    "Disease in Rheumatoid Arthritis: The Evolution of an Observation"

  Sherine E. Gabrial, MD, MSc, FACP

  Dean and Professor of Medicine

  Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

11                     Grand Rounds

                                    “Management of Chronic Constipation

    (A Common Condition with Considerable Costs)”

                         Sita Chokavatia, MD

                         Professor of Medicine

                         Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

18                     Grand Rounds

                         Topic:  Complexities of Management of Multiples

                         Todd Rosen, MD                         

    Assistant Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

                         Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

25                     M & M OB Review


December 2015

  2                     7:45 am RWJUH Business Meeting

  9                     Grand Rounds

                         Wendy Neal, MD, MPHTM

                         Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

16                     Grand Rounds

                         “Urologic issues in the pregnant patient”

                         Sammy E. Elsamra, MD

                         Assistant Professor of Urology

                         Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

23                     Grand Rounds

                         “An update on PGD for single gene disorders”

                         Shelfali Shastri, MD

                         Infertility Specialist

    Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Jersey

30                     M&M GYN/ONC


January 2016       

  6                     7:45-8:15 Annual ObGyn Recognition Awards Program

                         8:15-8:45 RWJUH Business Meeting

13                     Grand Rounds

                         “Update on HPV and PAP Guidelines”

                         Darlene Gibbon, MD

                         Rutgers Cancer Institute


20                     Grand Rounds

                          "Tips to minimize the risk of getting sued?”

                          Gary Riveles, ESQ

                          Dughi, Hewit & Domalewski, P.C.

27                      M & M REI Review                   



February 2016

  3                      RWJUH Business Meeting

10                     Grand Rounds

                         4th year Research Presentations

17                     Grand Rounds

    “Peripartum Cardiomyopathy"

    William J. Kostis, Ph.D, M.D
     Assistant Professor of Medicine
     Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical 

 24                     M&M GYN/ONC Review


March 2016

   2                      RWJUH Business Meeting


   9                      Grand Rounds                       

                           Topic: telomere length and reproductive health

                           Abraham Aviv, MD

                           Director, Hypertension Research Center

                           Professor, Department of Pediatrics

                           Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

 23                      Grand Rounds

                           “Transgender Care”

                            David M. Jaspan, DO

                            Einstein Medical Center Obstetrics and Gynecology


 30                       Grand Rounds

                            “Making Obstetrics and Maternity Care Safer”

                            Joseph J. Apuzzio, MD

       Chair District III ACOG

       Professor and Interim Chair

       Rutgers New Jersey Medical School

                            Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology & Women's Health


April 2016


    6                      RWJUH Business Meeting

                            Bristol Myers Squibb conference room


  13                      Grand Rounds

                            Topic: Factor XI Def and management of bleeding disorders during


                            Dr. Claire S.  Philipp

                            Professor Department of Medicine and Hematology

       Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

  20                      Grand Rounds

                            Topic: overview of screening/work-up of adnexal masses. 

                            Aliza Leiser, MD

                            Rutgers Cancer Institute                          

  27                      M & M REI Review


 May 2016


    4                      RWJUH Business Meeting


  11                      Grand Rounds

                            “The US Multiple Births Epidemic 1967-2013: Iatrogenic

                            and Demographic Forces in Action."

       Eli Y. Adashi, MD, MS, CPE, FACOG

       Professor of Medical Science

       Former Dean of Medicine and Biological Sciences

       Faculty, Center for Prisoner Health and Human Rights

       The Warren Alpert School of Medicine

       Division of Biology and Medicine

       Brown University

   18                     Grand Rounds

                            “Obesity and pregnancy complications”

                            Valeria Di Stefano, MD

       MFM Instructor

       Department of ObGyn

       Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

   25                     M&M Female Pelvic  



June 2016 

     3                    RWJUH Business Meeting

      Residents Day (Date to be determined)

                           8:00 – 9:00 Grand Rounds