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David Crockett
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Faculty Directory with Research Interests


Research Interests

Alder, Janet

Trophic factors and neuropeptides in neuronal development, psychiatric disorders and traumatic brain injury

Comoletti, Davide

Structural and molecular basis of synapse formation and connectivity in relation to autism spectrum disorders

Crockett, David

Molecular and structural changes associated with traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. Other interests include: oligodendrocyte function; cell cycle; neural and glial progenitors; anatomy of the somatosensory system; development and maintenance of sensory maps.

DiCicco-Bloom, Emanuel

Gene and growth factor regulation of neurogenesis during mammalian brain development, with a focus on models of human neurodevelopmental disorders, including autism, schizophrenia and environmental teratogens.

Dreyfus, Cheryl F.

Regulation of brain development and repair. In particular the role of the trophic factors and glial cells are being examined.

Glendinning, Diana

Motor control and motor-respiratory coordination in Parkinson’s disease. Treatment approaches to Parkinson’s disease.

Hitchcock-DeGregori, Sarah

Regulation of muscle contraction, actin dynamics and cellular movement by the actin binding protein, tropomyosin. (Moved to Pathology and Laboratory Medicine)

Matise, Michael

Role of the Hedgehog (Hh) pathway in central nervous system (CNS) development

McAuliffe, W. Geoffrey

Light and electron microscopy, glial cell interactions, neurotoxicity

Millonig, James

Neurodevelopmental disorders, Autism Spectrum Disorder, neural tube defects, schizophrenia

Mulheron, George

Ovarian follicle development

Pang, Zhiping

Mechanisms of synaptic regulation: From stem cell to the brain
Pan, Ping-Yue

Synaptic mechanism of Parkinson's disease


Pintar, John E.

Developmental neurobiology and endocrinology; genetic studies of systems controlling growth, metabolism, responses to analgesics, and adaptation to environmental stress.

Rasin, Mladen-Roko

Molecular and cellular mechanisms controlling differentiation of neural stem cells and development of projection neurons in the cerebral cortex.

Sesti, Federico

Physiology, structure and function of potassium channels, role of potassium channels in causing disease.

Thakker-Varia, Smita

Neurotrophic factors and neuropeptides in neuronal development, traumatic brain injury and mental disorders.

Weiss, Harvey R.

Changes in oxygen supply, consumption and blood brain barrier permeability during cerebral ischemia and reperfusion. Role of hypoxia inducible factor-1 and excitatory amino acids in this regard. Mechanisms to control cerebral oxygen consumption during autism.

Zhang, Huaye

Regulation of Dendritic Spine Morphogenesis and Synaptic Plasticity


Part-Time Faculty

Carsia, Rocco


Grunwerg, Barry

Orofacial pain pathways

Seiden, David

Medical education and curriculum innovation

Emeritus Faculty

M. David Egger, George Krauthamer, Gordon Macdonald, Frank Wilson

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