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Crockett, David P., MA, PhD

Photograph of David Crockett, PhDAssistant Professor
The Graduate Center, City University of New York 1983

Phone: (732) 235-5153
Fax: (732) 235-4029

Research Interests: Molecular and structural changes associated with traumatic brain injury and spinal cord injury. Using mouse models we are examining the role of epigenetic factors, neurotrophins and other injury signals in mediating loss of function following traumatic injury to the central nervous system. Other interests include: oligodendrocyte function; cell cycle; neural and glial progenitors; anatomy of the somatosensory system; development and maintenance of sensory maps.

Selected Publications: For complete list PubMed

  • Hu Z, Yue X, Shi G, Yue Y, Crockett DP, Blair-Flynn J, Reuhl K, Tessarollo L, and Zhou R. 2003. Corpus callosum deficiency in transgenic mice expressing a truncated ephrin-A receptor. J Neurosci 23:10963-10970.
  • Hu Z, Cooper M, Crockett DP, and Zhou R. 2004. Differentiation of the midbrain dopaminergic pathways during mouse development. J Comp Neurol 476:301-311.
  • Crockett DP, Burshteyn M, Garcia C, Muggironi M, and Casaccia-Bonnefil P. 2005. Number of oligodendrocyte progenitors recruited to the lesioned spinal cord is modulated by the levels of the cell cycle regulatory protein p27Kip-1. Glia 49:301-308.
  • Schindler M, Nur-E-Kamal A, Ahmed I, Kamal J, Liu HY, Amor N, Ponery AS, Crockett DP, Grafe TH, Chung HY, Weik T, Jones E, Meiners S.(2006) Living in three dimensions: 3D nanostructured environments for cell culture and regenerative medicine. Cell Biochem Biophys. 2006;45(2):215-27.
  • de AVilez-Rocha, M., Crockett, D.P., Sonsalla, PK ( 2008) Na+/H+ Exchange Inhibition modulates dopamine neurotransmission during normal and metabolic stress conditions. J. Neurochemistry: 106:231-243.
  • Cooper, M., Crockett, D.P., Nowakowski, R.S., Gale, N.W, Zhou, R. (2009) Distribution of EphA5 receptor protein in developing and adult mouse nervous system. J. Comp. Neurol. 514:310-328.
  • Thompson, K., Dibona, V.L., Dubey, A., Crockett, D.P., Rasin, M.R., 2010. Acute adaptive responses of central sensorimotor neurons after spinal cord injury.  Translational Neuroscience, 1(4) 268 -278.
  • Alder, J., Fujioka, W. Lifshitz, J., Crockett, D.P. Thakker-Varia, S. (2011) Lateral Fluid Percussion: Model of Traumatic Brain Injury in Mice.  Journal of Visualized Experiments 54.