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About the Residency


Call Schedule

Medical teaching service teams are on a five-day call cycle. Day 1 is "late call," where teams admit new patients from 2pm-8pm.  Day 3 is "pick-up," where floor teams accept patients that were admitted by the night float team.  Day 4 is "early call," where the team admits new patients from 7 am-2 pm.  Night float assumes admitting and cross coverage responsibilities for patients six days a week.  Saturdays are days off for night float.  The floor teams assume a 24-hour call schedule on those days.

In both the MICU and CCU a structured day-night shift system is fully operational. Our 14-bed CCU is staffed by two residents and one intern and the 16-bed MICU is staffed by four residents and two interns.  In the MICU, the night shift resident (6 pm-12 noon every other night) joins the team for didactics and teaching rounds each morning.  In order to observe and learn from the rapidly changing status of critically ill patients, on-site supervision is provided by attendings, fellows, and an overnight intensivist. Dedicated conferences and daily bedside rounds serve to enhance the clinical experience.