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About the Residency

Inpatient Rotations

Floor teams are structured to include a senior resident (PGY-2 or PGY-3), an intern, a fourth-year medical student (sub-intern) and one or two third-year medical students working closely with their assigned teaching attending in two to four week blocks.  Interns care for approximately  8-12 patients at any given time.pierreagain  In addition to weekday didactic conferences and noon report, daily teaching rounds occur at the bedside.

Late call until 8pm, short call until 2pm, and pick up mornings are interspersed to ensure adequate teaching volume, case mix diversity, and preparedness for practice and fellowship training. Experience in the closed Intermediate Care Unit (IMCU) at UMCPP, the liquid oncology teaching service at RWJUH, and the Intensive Care Units at RWJUH present opportunities for developing skills that assist with recognizing "sick" patients at a glance, triaging and prioritizing clinical demands, and gaining procedural skills under direct supervision.

Dedicated night float teams assume admitting and cross coverage responsibilities for patients on the teaching services at both hospitals.