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Research Activities

Justine Wu, MD, our previous Women's Health Fellow, designed and conducted survey research on Abortion Training in Family Medicine Residency Training, the results of which she has submitted the results of her original research for peer-reviewed publication, and she has presented them at several national research meetings during this past academic year.

Sally Mravcak, MD, our current fellow, designed a physician education program on “The Evaluation & Management of Obesity,” which she presented to Family Medicine Residency Programs throughout the state. Dr. Mravcak also developed an effective obesity education and treatment program for women utilizing a group visit format, which she piloted at the UMG-Hillsborough Primary Care Center. She met with Residency Faculty at New Jersey Family Medicine Residency Programs to help them integrate group visits on Obesity into their clinical practice sites. Dr. Mravcak will present the results of her original research at the 2005 Society of Teachers in Family Medicine (STFM) North East Regional Conference and will be submitted for peer-reviewed publication.

Jacqueline Jackson was selected as the COPC student for our WHWW program. Her project involved designing and distributing a knowledge, attitudes, and needs assessment survey, regarding obesity and related cardiovascular disease risks, for female patients at St. Johns Community Health Center. She also interviewed local weight-loss programs (i.e., Weight Watchers, Curves, Overeaters Anonymous, Hospital Nutrition Departments, School of Nutrition) and solicited their support to improve access for the underserved to their programs. The results of her project will help the staff of St. John's develop an on-site, culturally sensitive, nutrition and weight-loss counseling program.

Dr. Levine, Dr. Wu, and Michelle McWeeney, along with Sarah Marchand (a summer COPC student) completed the final evaluation for their $35,000 Community Health Project Grant from the Foundation of UMDNJ Annual Grants Program, titled “Women's Health Without Walls (WHWW)”- A Program to Provide On-Site Women's Health Care Services, Education, and Training at Local Community Health Centers for the Underserved. This grant enabled the Women's Health fellow to provide onsite specialized women's health diagnostic, treatment, preventive, and counseling services at St. Johns (New Brunswick), Trinity (Perth Amboy), and the Women's Health & Counseling Center (Somerville), thereby eliminating significant barriers to care (i.e, transportation, cost, trust). This grant greatly enhanced our residents' and clerkship students' clinical experience in women's health. The results of this highly successful project was presented at the 2004 Society of Teachers in Family Medicine (STFM) North East Regional Conference and will be submitted for publication. Additional funding to expand the services offered and sites provided by the WHWW program is currently being sought.

Dr. Levine developed and conducted a survey of Family Physicians in New Jersey, to assess the educational needs and barriers to providing prevention education, screening, and treatment for Osteoporosis, as part of an $8000 grant from the Alliance for Better Bone Health. The information gained from this survey will be utilized by the New Jersey Department of Health & Senior Services to develop educational programs and legislative initiatives. The results of this survey will be presented at the 2005 Society of Teachers in Family Medicine North East Regional Meeting and they will be submitted for peer-reviewed publication.

Dr. Levine, Dr. Wu, Michelle McWeeney, and Sarah Marchand utilized an Achilles Scanner (heel ultrasound), received through a grant from the Alliance for Better Bone Health, to screen and treat high-risk un/under-insured postmenopausal women at Community Health Centers for Osteoporosis, as part of the WHWW program. The results of this project were presented at the 2004 North American Primary Care Research Group (NAPCRG) Meeting and will be submitted for publication.