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Family Medicine
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                               Educational Offerings

                                      Network Programs and Curriculum

There are a wide variety of Network sponsored educational events and activities. These events range from Network-wide Grand Rounds, to resident-focused and faculty-focused seminars and workshops on specific topics; regularly scheduled planning and development meetings for program directors, associate directors, and behavioral scientists; and the network research committee.

                                                      Network Educational Conferences

                                                           Professionalism Day (PGY-I)

It is a 3 hour afternoon designed for the PGY-1 resident to define professionalism as it relates to the healthcare industry and to become familiar with the ACGME competencies for professionalism. By using vignettes, role plays, small and large group discussions, PGY-1 residents will be able to identify personal growth opportunities for professional development throughout their career.


                                             Careers in Family Practice Workshop (PGY-II)
A half-day panel discussion on wide-ranging opportunities for careers in Family Medicine. The panel includes discussion of practice options from the perspective of market forces, income, job satisfaction and lifestyle. Panel members each represent a different career path in family medicine, including academic medicine, group and solo practice. All second year residents in Network programs attend.


                             Practice Management and Contract Negotiations Conference (PGY-III)

This one-day conference takes place in September, highlighting the ins-and-outs of establishing or joining a
family practice, with particular emphasis on negotiation skills as well as CV development. This is geared primarily
for third year residents.

                                                ALSO (Advanced Life Support in Obstetrics) Conference
We run two programs, one at the beginning of October and the other the middle of November. It is a

two-day hands-on course in advanced life support in obstetrics. Instructors are ALSO trained and approved instructors who are Network-Affiliated Residency Program faculty members.

                                                              Network Grand Rounds
May 4, 2016:
Speaker:  Chantal Brazeau, MD, Professor of Family Medicine and Psychiatry, Interim Chair of Family Medicine, Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School.


                                                            Faculty Development Day

October 21, 2015:
Presenter: Cindy Barter, MD, MPH, IBCLC, CTTS, FAAFP, Core Faculty
Hunterdon Family Medicine Residency,

Certified Facilitator, Institute for Healthcare Communications.

                                                   Trial and Deposition Workshop

April 8, 2016: "How to Succeed in Family Medicine Without Inviting Lawsuits."
The participants were representatives from the Network as well as lawyers from the firm of
Buckley & Theroux,
LLC - a law firm specializing in litigation & healthcare law.

                                                    Chief Resident Workshop and Series
A three-day overnight workshop in leadership skills, led by Dr. Patricia Williams, a nationally recognized expert in May.

                                                       Resident Research Symposium
One of the many goals of the Rutgers Network of Affiliated Family Medicine Residencies is to develop and foster research and presentation skills for all residents within the Network. The Resident Research Symposium provides a peer-reviewed forum for residents from Network-affiliated residencies to share results from their research projects and discuss healthcare implications of their research with other Network residents and faculty. Presentations are evaluated by the Network Research Committee on the basis of clarity and originality of research question, methodological rigor, clarity and organization of the presentation, and quality of discussion
of results and conclusion.

                                                          Network Peer Meetings
The Network organizes the following regular peer meetings to share ideas and plan collaborative projects:

Program Director meetings
Operations Committee meetings

Research Committee meetings

Behavioral Scientist meetings

Coordinators meetings


                                                     Network Joint Recruitment
The residencies of the Network, under the leadership of the Department of Family Medicine, collaborates throughout the year to stimulate undergraduate interest in family medicine; enhance the recruitment of family medicine residents by Network residencies and encourage applications to the residencies; bring national recognition to New Jersey as a center of study and education in family medicine; and provide a united political
force on behalf of the interests of family medicine.


                                               Department of Family Medicine Resources

The Department of Family Medicine provides the Network with leadership, resources, and expertise in its

ongoing operations. These offerings include the following:

A. Director of Network: Heather Sophia Lee, Ph.D.

B. Departmental administrative support services: Mary Hunter

C. Consultative services from the following department programs and areas of study:

  • Center for Healthy Families and Cultural Diversity
  • Sports Medicine Center
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Women's Health
  • Alternative and Complementary Medicine
  • Prevention and Health Promotion
  • Public Health
  • Health Services Research & Health Policy
    Program Evaluation
  • Organizational Management
  • Faculty Development
  • Research Design and Implementation