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Ask the Provider

Ask-the-Provider is a student run project that brings Cooper attendings and other health care providers into Camden to educate communities. Currently a provider and medical student team address an audience of 15-20 working parents monthly at Respond Inc. Daycare center. While the parents are receiving this informal education, the Respond Inc. Daycare staff stays late to continue to look after the children. Each session begins with an informal discussion of a health topic given by the medical student participant. The topics include, but are not limited to, asthma, child development and immunizations, cancer, and diabetes. In an informal setting, parents have the opportunity to ask questions of the healthcare team pertinent to the topic being presented.

This program allows Cooper faculty and RWJMS-Camden medical students to get out into the community and see families that would not be ordinarily seen in the hospital setting. It affords them the wonderful opportunity of interacting and educating a sample of the Camden community that they might not ordinarily get to meet.