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Research to Develop New Autism Screening Tool

The Boggs Center, in collaboration with Children’s Specialized Hospital, is conducting a research study with funding from the NJ Governor’s Council for the Medical Research and Treatment of Autism to develop and test a new screening tool for autism among a diverse and underserved population. This five-year research project focuses on the development and validation of an autism screening tool comprised primarily of pictures depicting expected developmental milestones or concerning behaviors. This screening tool is designed to be easily understood by parents from diverse cultural, ethnic, and linguistic backgrounds. During the first two years of the funding period, the tool was tested and refined among a group of children at-risk for autism. The project is currently in its third year and will now begin validating the tool among an unselected group of children who attend Head Start Programs in three medically underserved cities in New Jersey.

Project Director: Deborah M. Spitalnik, PhD
Project Coordinator: Carrie Coffield, PhD

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