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Employment First, Our Collective Journey

October 4, 2013 - Duration 2.75 hrs

Cesilee Coulson, MS
Executive Director
The Washington Initiative for Supportive Employment (WISE)
Seattle, WA

The term “Employment First” describes how state and local systems across the country implement the values and goals of employment services available to individuals and families. As an Employment First state since April, 2012, New Jersey will seek to align these services and offer integrated individual employment before other service options. This requires significant system change and techical skill from providers. While each state has their unique approach to Employment First, this session will focus on proven strategies from the experience of other states which can be adopted to create quality community employment outcomes.

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Presentation Handouts (PDF Available)

Project Manager: Robyn Carroll
Program Staff: Debbie Mahovetz, Ziba Arjmand
Project Support Staff: Gail DiPane

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