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A Slippery Slope: Healthy Sexuality, Trauma, and the Criminal Justice System

October 14, 2016 - Duration 2.75 hrs

Beverly Frantz, PhD
Project Director, Criminal Justice and Sexuality Initiatives
Institute on Disabilities, Temple University
Philadelphia, PA

Sexuality, at its core, is simply a natural and integral part of who we are. It begins at birth and extends over our life span. Yet, a disproportionate number of people with disabilities experience sexuality as a victim or alleged perpetrator of sexual violence. Values and attitudes of families, support staff, administrators, and educators perpetuate an environment of “protectionist.” This presentation will focus on the shifting paradigms of choice and control, and the need to balance personal safety and personal risk. Understanding our own values and attitudes and how they influence the language we use, especially when talking to people with disabilities about healthy sexuality, is paramount in creating a safe environment for people with disabilities to explore, express, and enjoy their sexuality, and to receive non-judgmental, comprehensive sex education, information, and opportunities.

Audio Files Part I (mp3 file)
Audio Files Part II (mp3 file)

Presentation Handouts (PDF)

Project Manager: Robyn Carroll
Program Staff: Debbie Mahovetz, Ziba Arjmand
Project Support Staff: Gail DiPane

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