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Dementia and Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities

October 10, 2014 - Duration 2.75 hrs

Kathleen Bishop, PhD
Gerontologist with a Specialty in Aging with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities
Finger Lakes Geriatric Education Center
National Task Group on ID and Dementia Care Practices

Lee Center, NY


Larger numbers of adults with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD) are living longer with increased life expectancy and likelihood of well-being. As in the general population, older age can include increased risk for disease, especially Alzheimer’s dementia. Dr. Bishop will discuss factors of lifelong aging, specific risks for adults with IDD, aging with disease process of dementia, and tips for care giving. This session will be helpful to clinicians, caregivers, and advocates to promote quality of life in older years.

Audio Files Part I (mp3 file)
Audio Files Part II (mp3 file)

Presentation Handouts (PDF Available)

Project Manager: Robyn Carroll
Program Staff: Debbie Mahovetz, Ziba Arjmand
Project Support Staff: Gail DiPane

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