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The Disability Equality Index: A Disability Inclusion Game Changer

October 12, 2017 - Duration 2.75 hrs


Leslie Wilson, M.S.
Director, Going for the Gold Program
US Business Leadership Network
Alexandria, VA

In order to effectively help people with disabilities secure employment, human service professionals need to understand the needs of business. Disability inclusion can drive business success, but going beyond simple compliance requires a focus on every aspect of the business, from Culture & Leadership, to Enterprise-Wide Access, to Employment Practices, and Community Engagement & Support. This presentation will help human service providers understand how the Disability Equality Index (DEI) helps companies learn where they are starting from and what improvements are needed to get them where they want to go. Join us to hear results from the third annual DEI, promising practices, and which companies are participating in the DEI so that you can target them as you outreach potential employers.


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