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Autism Research: Prenatal Beginnings to Early Childhood Clinical Outcome

April 20, 2017 - Duration 2.75 hrs

Eric Courchesne, PhD
Professor and Co-Director

Autism Center of Excellence

University of California San Diego

San Diego, CA


There is considerable biological evidence that autism is a prenatal neural disorder. In this session, participants will learn about research findings that demonstrate how the biological markers of Autism Spectrum Disorders exist prenatally, and underlie the emergence of the first behavioral symptoms. Key examples from studies of language development in ASD will be shared.  Language development is especially important because better or worse language outcomes are linked to long term social adaptive functioning and general life success. Dr. Courchesne will discuss how this new knowledge of early autism biology may impact our understanding of and approach to early detection and intervention.

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Project Manager: Robyn Carroll
Program Staff: Debbie Mahovetz, Ziba Arjmand
Project Support Staff: Rachel Anderson

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