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UMDNJ Criteria for Designation of Retiring or Retired Faculty as Emereti

The history of emeritus designations at UMDNJ is consistent with a highly selective set of criteria under which only a small percent of retiring or retired faculty receive this title for service at the University of the highest distinction. The University Bylaws state:

"Such recommendations should be based upon significant contributions in teaching, research or clinical or administrative services."

The Bylaws also require a process of recommendation and approval beginning within the School and progressing to the President and the Board of Trustees. As part of that process, each School's bylaws are to provide for a faculty committee to review and make recommendations regarding emeritus designations under criteria tailored for the disciplines and traditions of that School. The following University criteria shall serve as general statements from which the Schools shall derive their own School-specific criteria which shall be consistent with the University criteria:

  • The individual has served as a faculty member with the highest distinction as compared with his/her national or international peers and colleagues.
  • The individual's national or international reputation and eminence in his/her field as educator, researcher, clinician and/or administrator have brought recognition and honor to the School and University.
  • The individual's duration of service at the School or University is such as to confer seniority among his/her fellow faculty members, and his/her longevity of service has been marked by a consistently high level of accomplishments.
  • The individual's record, reputation and career shall be unblemished, containing no actions that have brought discredit to the School or University, or that have hindered the advancement of the School's or University's missions.